What to do with your Aureus?

The negotiations with the top UK Crypto Currency law firm has been finalized and the formation of a Aureus Bitcoin Trust (“ABT”) is being executed. Thanks to the hard work from the the steering committee appointed by the new Vietnam leader. We are nearing the completion of the agreement that, once finalized will be made public here for your perusal.

In the meantime, we have soft release the video of our plans with BitKingdom and Aureus which is available here:

By the end of February all formation should be completed and the ABT will start to generate legitimate Bitcoin income for all Aureus holders and the expected dividends will be paid out exactly one month after i.e. 28th March 2017.

A press conference will be held in London which will be covered by crypto news community together with mainstream news outlets, giving Aureus a HUGE press coverage in the crypto world community and all the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency we all aspire for.

What do you need to do now?

Gather as much as Aureus as you can now, keep in in your BitKingdom Aureus wallet and on the 28th February 2017 you will be able to download a Aurues Wallet App and transfer your Aureus out of BitKingdom to your own wallet for safekeeping.

However, there are rules of how many Aureus are allowed to be out from BitKingdom:

1. Each month you are only allowed to transfer out once and a maximum of 30% of your BitKingdom Aureus wallet balance until you reach a minimum of 10 AUR which means you can take all out.

2. Aureus that has been transferred out of BitKingdom CANNOT be sent back in into BitKingdom for PH. You need to buy new Aureus in BitKingdom in order to PH. To buy new Aureus right now you will have to contact the Vietnam leaders as they have the most supply right now.

I’ve have Aurues in my Aureus Wallet App, now what?

Once you have Aureus in your own possession, you would have to register your wallet address on the Aureus.cc website (Which will be launched before 28th Feb 2017). Here are the steps:

1. Open an account on Aureus.cc website.

2. Register your Aureus Wallet App Aureus address into the system.

3. Send 0.001 to the verification address to verify that you are the owner of the wallet address.

4. You can register as much as Aureus wallet address as you want, or you can pool all your Aureus coin into one wallet and register that.

5. In your account settings, please also register a Bitcoin Wallet Address so that the dividends can be sent to that BTC wallet address.

6. At the day before dividend paid, the system will check your latest balance and then allocate the profits from the Margin Financing to be distributed to all registered Aureus wallet address in Aureuss.cc.

7. A report will be published monthly basis on how much dividend you’ve got and a public ledger of all the dividend paid will be published on Aurues.cc

8. Sit down relax, and enjoy the monthly dividends generated by our low risk Margin Financing Revenues.

Summary and Datelines

  • 23rd February 2017: Aurues.cc Website Launch and open for registration.
  • 28th February 2017: Aureus Wallet will be able to function and 30% of your balance can be transferred out monthly.
  • 28th March 2017: 1st dividend will be declared and distributed to all registered Aureus owner.
  • 15th June 2017: Aureus will be listed in public market such as C-Cex, Poloniex, Bitfinex (whichever accepted us first) and you can trade the Aureus Coins publicly.

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