Guide 9: How to claim C-CEX AUR for ABT liquidation


To all Aureus users with pending C-CEX claims: Please submit your claims before January 15 if you haven’t already. Send an email to with the title ‘C-CEX Claim’ with all the details you have regarding your issue.

Here is the guide from Aureus CS Team (cryptocrest) to claim your C-CEX AUR for liquidation:

You need to use the voucher system in C-CEX to send us ALL your AUR at C-CEX. This way we will know how much you have at C-CEX. We will then send you the BTC to a BTC wallet address you provided. After the claim process is over, we will in turn return the AUR back to you in C-CEX via the same voucher system.

The deadline for this claim process is Nov 12 Mifnight GMT-7, BTC will be distributed within days after the deadline.
Please follow these steps

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on Ledger.

3. Click on C-CEX Codes

4. In the next window make sure the drop down list under ‘Currency’ is AURS.

5. In the amount, put in all the AURS you have on C-CEX.

6. Put in your 2fa if needed.

7. Click on ‘Create C-CEX Code’

8. Check the email account you registered your C-CEX account with.

9. You will see a C-CEX code in the email.

10. Copy and paste the whole C-CEX code and reply to this email along with your username for

11. Please provide a btc address for us to send the BTC to.

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