Guide 8: How to check your withdraw BTC dividend

Here is some quick steps guide you how to check your BTC withdraw transaction from AureusCC and AureusCentral:

Step 1 – Withdraw BTC

Login to AureusCC or AureusCentral, do your withdraw BTC as normally (send BTC to your BTC address) –> this transaction will be put in queue to process

Step 2 – Check your withdraw BTC transaction status:

You can check when your withdraw transaction is processed or not by look at status from transaction history logs:
–> If status is pending –> must wait for it processed
–> If status is completed  (that means your withdraw had been sent out of system) –> you will have TX transaction ID for tracking it on blockchain.

But when you click on this TX link from, almost show that “Transaction not found”, but don’t worry, this because just not up to date.

Step 3 – Quick check your BTC transaction with

With  you can check your transaction quicker: just need enter your BTC address or transaction ID and search, it will show you your transaction detail:

–> If status is pending –> continue wait
–> when transaction have confirmmation –> it will appear in your wallet.

All most withdraw transaction will be processed successfully, due to alot of users do bulk withdrawn, so it will take time to process.

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