Goodbye BitKingdom! Welcome Aureus!

Pursuant to the notice issued by the authorities dated 24 February 2017, Bitkingdom has been listed as an unauthorised company and/or website. As such, this website ( will soon to be inaccessible and will been suspended to comply with the notice.

A new website i.e. has been created for the Citizens. All Citizens’ would have to register a new account and export your Aureus balances to the new site, all accounts will have to comply to our new KYC compliance and our new Terms Of Service (TOS).

All PH has been ended, capital + profit has been credited into your earnings accordingly and all PH wallet balances has been transferred to your main wallet to be exported out.

Here’s what you need to do now:

1. Register an account at

2. Login to new account just created, click AUR Wallet -> Receive  and copy your wallet address something looks like this “1AurEuSceNtrALdoTcOmwAlletusErIdis3164“

3. Login into your BitKingdom account. Click on AUR Wallet -> Look for the tab Export Wallet.

4. Slect the source of funds. Key in your Aureus wallet address that you copied from AureusCentral.

5. Key in the amount & 2FA.

6. SEND (You should received a successful popup message)

7. Check your AureusCentral account if the balance has been reflected.

8. That’s it! You’re DONE! Continue for further instructions from AureusCentral.

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